2. xo-skeleton:

    John Martin, Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion, 1812

    Oil on canvas, 183.2 x 131.1 cm

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  4. magictransistor:

    John Frederick Kensett, Sunset Over Lake George, 1867.


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  7. xaoss:

    Logic of Nature - manifest 4, by J.D Doria, 2014

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  9. humanoidhistory:

    A nuclear blast with target ships (that seem so tiny) at Bikini Atoll during Operation Crossroads, 1946.

    (Library of Congress)

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  10. thirteen-delusions:

    Close the gates of time. Open those of eternity.

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  13. wonderingaboutitall:

    Sunset On The Coast - Jules Dupre

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  14. retrofutureground:

    CSIRO Solar Observatory

    1. Large sunspot photographed in the wing of hydrogen alpha line. This shows the sunspot as it appears at the chromospheric as opposed to the photospheric level. Australia +/-1970.

    2. Sunspot in the light of Hydrogen Alpha. Australia 24/03/1967.

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  15. xo-skeleton:

    La Ronde du Sabbat (The Round of the Sabbath/Witches’ Sabbath), 1828, by Louis Boulanger

    Lithograph, 73 x 51.2 cm. For Victor Hugo’s Odes and Ballads

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